FTCH McBride's Iron Scooter by FTCH Getemout Jim
Beau x FTCH McBride's Black Magic 1990
IFC Bessie's Black Alibi with Mike Blair 1992
FTCH Milt's Queon posed by owner Yvon Malette 1992
FC Clyde River Rebel owner Ray Hendershot 1993
FTCH Branko's Talk About winning COHA Derby in
1994 Owner Branko Krpan, handled by Paul Pazienza
IFC Able's East Coast Trimmer winning at Grand River
FTCH Otterbrook Top Dog at 12 yrs of age. Sent in by
Tony Crowley, Fundy Trail BC
Some of Berkley Pinsent's hounds and their ribbons in
1993 or 94. Right to left, FTCH Pisent's Coppertop,
FTCH Kings Point Chief, FTCH Pinsent's Sparkie,
Springer and Taffy.
2002 Canadian National 13" Male Winner IFC
Armando's Levi, by IFC Branko's Pied Piper x
Armando's Hope ,Owner Paul Pazienza
Int. Ft. Ch. Branko's Lumberjack
on the Platform at Age 12 Years
Left: Jerry Blair; Centre: Arnie Ross, posing
Atlantic Beagle Club Spring Trial 1974 15" Male Class
1st Sparky with Allen O'Handley 2nd Spud's Sidewinder
with ??? 3rd Robnit's Huck with Harold McGlashing 4th
Robnit's Snoop with Gordon Percell 5th Dusty Jim of
Whiook's with Doug Leahy
Int. Ft. Ch. Branko's Casanova
Photo Taken in 1994
IFC Branko's Heli-Prop when I handled him in 1989 for
Branko and Frieda Krpan. Posed by Melissa Willis,
Carl's youngest daughter.
FTCH Swiftline Sugar posed by Owner Bill Doyle 1993
Greg Steeves with IFC Haunted Hill Whitey 1984
Here's a real old one of Coady MacDonald posing IFC
Mill Run Bob in 1961.
Bob McGlashing posing one of the Maritimes best
known hounds, FTCH Straight Arrow.
Albert Decker with his FC Decker's Trim Boy (sent to
me by Jamie Rice)
R-L: GRBC Trial 1971 - 1st is Greg Steeves  and his
sister Cathy with Dianna's Favourite Toby, 2nd is Rick
Dewsbury, 3rd is Tom Lee
FC Gene O's Dr. Sally R, by IFC Able's East Coast
Trimmer x FC Smokey MacRae posed by Gene O'Shea
IFC Happyrun Sharkey, Sired by FTCH Fran-Keyline
Chief Whitefoot by FTCH Timberlane's Nifty Of
FTCH I'm Alone Rainbow owner John Monkman
(Awful Bawlin Kennel), also a Hare Faturity 1st place
winner, posed by handler Coady MacDonald
IFC Awful Bawlin Agnes sired by IFC Haunted Hill
Shaker and dam Haunted Hill Halo, breeder and owner
John Monkman (Awful Bawlin Kennel)
FTCH Haunted Hill Squealer sired by IFC Haunted Hill
Shaker and dam was FTCH Haunted Hill Slider owner
and breeder John  Monkman (Awful Bawlin Kennel)
FTCH Don's Golden Penny owned by Don Sanguine
(Jack Pennock (FTCH Marine Sailer Boy owner) beside
FC Leitza's Penny owned by Dr. Wes Langmaid,
Middlestone Kennels, Oshawa, On
FTCH McBride's Fly On Rowdy, 1983, owned by Don
Sanguine, after a win at Quinte judged by Charlie
Giannini and Carl Willis
IFC Maple Sugar Danie. He finished for his Can. FTCH
at points over the second place hound.
FTCH Model Swampy Toastie 11 (Toastmaster's Dam)
finished at Nia-Pen, owned by Dr. Wes Langmaid
IFC Martmoor Tuppy Flakers owned by Okill Stuart,
Quebec. on hare.
Dan Pierce with FC Joacyn's Elvira (Joe Wingate,
owner) Myra Steeves with Cry On Bandit, Terry Perry
with Scooter's Smoking Gypsy 2nd, Jeri Blair with FC
Sugar River's Candy -O and Mike Blair with Joacyn's
Black Pepper
IFC Sureplace Happy Boy