To honor Beaglers and Beagles for their outstanding
contributions to the sport of Canadian LPH Beagling.
Elenor Duncan
Stuart Duncan
Hiram Card
Dr. Ray Lawson
Donald Currie
Russell White
Terry Perry
Gerry Phinney
Kieth Boa
Laurier Piedalue
Leighton Watson
Jacques Roy
Lucien Delisle
Norman Bedard
Frank Record Jr
Oscar Palmer
Allan Elliott
Georges Audette
Robert Bob Youngman
James Moffat
Al Winkler
Dr. Langmaid
Harold MacCracken
Alvin Floria
Buff Courtice
Peter Neville  
Ray Yearwood
Jim Lyons
John Monkman
IFC Ables East Coast Trimmer
IFC I'm Alone Diplomat
IFC Flyman
IFC Concert Duncan
IFC Elliotts Queen
IFC Haunted Hill Shaker
IFC Jim's Rogue
IFC Martmoor Tuppy Flakers
IFC Mellowrun Honey's First
FTCH Straight Arrow
FTCH Tournesol JLL Flip Flash
FTCH Woodrive Wallopin Chip
FTCH Frontline Sam
FTCH Branko's Jack of All Trades  
FTCH Kleeburgs Fury
FTCH Norsaga Ingrid
FTCH Pinsents Coppertop
FTCH Silvercove Beauty
FTCH Bruno's Star
FTCH Concert Lark
FTCH Garlands Princess
FTCH Mi-Do Vagabond
FTCH Moneysunk Mountain Man
IFC I'm Alone Robin
IFC Melody Hill Puck
IFC Sheridan's Whistler
IFC Terry's Diana
IFC Flakers Rex
FTCH The Elm's Jigg's Maggie Mate
IFC Bonns Betty
FTCH Bill's Susie
FTCH Garlands King
FTCH Hunters Little Annie
FTCH Hamilton Ceasar
FTCH Cold Cash
FTCH Garlands Blue Jay
FTCH Goldentone Presto
IFC Concert Bass
IFC Melody Line Flakers
FTCH Wallopin Beachy Cove Pattie
IFC Line Elm Ginger
IFC Mirabel Harmony
IFC Mirabel Ringo
IFC Prib's Miki
IFC Wally of Floline
FTCH Melody Line Aruza
FTCH Mirabel Flip
IFC Robanits Princess
FTCH Silvercove Sassy
FTCH Branko's Close Call Girl
FTCH Branko's White Blizzard
FTCH Le Diplomat Venus
Okill Stuart
Clyde Stanwick
Coady MacDonald
George Steeves
Germain Dussault
IFC Sullivan's Black Magic
FTCH Awful Bawlin Hoser
FTCH Mon Chien Wally
1.     Nominations & Inductions:
Assoc. Regional Monitors for (1) deceased & (1) living Beagler and Beagle. Clubs may submit nominations from any region.
b) Nominating processes shall be at the discretion of each club.
c) Nominations for Beaglers
MUST include specific written support information of the person’s accomplishments as a LPH field trial
competitor, or a breeder of quality field trial beagles, or a dedicated club officer, or a LPH judge, or a CKC FTR, or any combination of
these qualifying areas.
d) Nominations for Beagles
MUST include specific written support information of the dog’s field trial record, or as a producer, or both.
e) Nominations
MUST be dated and signed by the appropriate Assoc.’s Regional Monitor who shall forward all nominations to the
Hall of Fame Coordinator so as to be received not later than 60 days prior to the date of each annual Canadian National LPH Trial.
f) Regional Monitors signatures are not endorsements of any nominee.
g) Living nominees will only be inducted with their consent.

a) Will be appointed bi-annually by the President of the Canadian National Trial Assoc.  
b) Will be the custodian of the Hall of Fame Plaque.    
c) Will ensure the plaque is engraved and on display at each annual Canadian National Assoc., Trial.

Inductees shall be added to the Canadian National LPH Hall of Fame plaque and be posted on this site.
Revised October 2009