In August 2002, Dan Kane invited Terry McBride to discuss the formation of a new field trial. It was to be a prestigious
yearly trial for the best dogs in each Canadian region to go head-to-head in competition.

Upon reviewing many of the established Large Pack on Hare (LPH) trial procedures, it was decided to introduce some new
processes into this venture. Keeping most of the standard trial practices, and adding the new ideas the prototype for the
Canadian National LPH Trial was created.

The first challenge was to implement unprecedented trial entry eligibility. Thus, invitational entry is offered to the top 5 dogs of
each class based upon the CKC points accumulated in their respective classes during the trial’s current qualifying period. Not
to overlook established quality, all CKC and AKC field champions are also eligible to compete in this prestigious event.

The next step was to enlist a few well-established, experienced beaglers to assist with promotion within the 4 newly created
Canadian National LPH trial regions. To this end, Mike White representing the Maritimes, Tom Murphy for Newfoundland, and
Yves Piedalue of Quebec joined the organizing committee. We were off and running.

As with any new venture, there were a few minor stumbling blocks, but with the contribution of web
site, and the use of emails the initial trial was organized without a sit-down meeting. The Fundy Trail Beagle Club became the
venue of choice.

With the assistance of Fundy members, Debbie Matthews as Field Trial Secretary, Ron MacLean the painter, Tony and
Charlene Crowley coordinating the kitchen and marshalling activities, we were under way. Ross Cline’s donation of 600 lbs of
JOY dog food along with several other sponsors contributions of the trial awards exceeded our wildest expectations.

Despite the constant threat of the ever-present local December storms the first event went off with terrific running, fantastic
meals, and exceptional camaraderie. Thus the Canadian National LPH Trial became a reality, leading the way into the future.

The trial is now held annually on the 4th weekend of October and it has become the “DON'T MISS EVENT” of Canadian LPH
Taking Beagling to a New Level of Excellence.