A. Structure:  

Executive Committee:
The committee shall consist of the following officers, President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer,  
and (4) Regional Trial Monitors. All Officers shall be Canadian resident members of good standing in
Canadian LPH clubs. The Executive Committee will be elected by majority vote of Canadian club
delegates present at each Bi-annual meeting. In the event any executive committee position becomes
vacant during the term of office it shall be filled by appointment of the President.

Executive Committee Responsibilities:
The President shall chair all executive and the bi-annual meetings, appoint Standing Committee Chairs
and preside as exofficio chair of all committees.
The Vice President:
Shall assist the president in his duties and shall perform those duties in the absence of the President

The Secretary/ Treasurer shall;
[a] record and read the minutes of the executive and bi-annual meetings,
[b] conduct association financial transactions,
[c] publish a financial statement at each annual trial,
[d] publish pre & post trial announcements including trial results and awards.

The Regional Monitors;
Shall tabulate the CKC LPH trial results within their respective regions to determine eligible Canadian
National Trial entries. Eligibility will be determined by Assoc. Policy # 4 A to 4 F.

Standing Committees;
Each committee shall consist of a Chair and at least one other member. These committees are the,
Field Trial, Publicity & Promotion, Audit, plus a Host Club Coordinator. All shall be members of good
standing in Canadian LPH Beagle Clubs.   The committee members shall be appointed by each
committee chair. In the event any standing committee position becomes vacant during the term of
office it shall be filled by appointment of the President.

Standing Committee  Responsibilities:
The Field Trial Chair shall assign Trial Judges, Field Marshals,and a Field Trial Secretary who shall
tabulate and post trial results and announces trial awards.

The Publicity & Promotion Chair shall conduct fund raising activities, solicit donations and develop

The Audit Chair shall conduct an annual audit of the association’s finances.

Association Members shall be members of good standing in Canadian LPH clubs who may serve on the
Executive Committee and on any Standing Committee simultaneously provided no actual or perception
of conflict exists. Members shall only hold a maximum of one position on each committee.       

Bi-Annual Meetings Agenda and Dates:
The agenda opening date shall be immediately following the conclusion of each Bi-Annual meeting.
The agenda closing date shall be 30 days preceding the date of each Bi-annual meeting which shall be
announced 60 days preceding the date of the meeting.

There will be no Proxy Voting. Only one voting club delegate per Canadaian club, who must be in
attendance, identified and registered  with the Assoc. Secretary at the commencment of each meeting.
The delegates will cast only one vote on any motion. The Chairperson will not make any motions or
cast any votes from the chair other than tie breaking votes.    

Order of Business:
Call to order; Introduction of quests, Registration of voting delegates; Opening Remarks, Reading of
previous minutes; Reading of the financial report; Reading of correspondence; Committee reports;
Old Business; Election of Committees; New business; Adjournment.

B. Policies:  

1.Trial Procedures;   
Those LPH activities common to ; entering dogs, painting dogs, casting dogs, marshaling / judging
procedures and presentation of awards will apply .The Locations, Cast Times, Entry Fees, Judges,
Awards and Special notices will be published in advance of each event.

2. Qualifying Regions;  
The 4 Canadian qualifying regions are the individual Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, and
the Maritime region of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The USA qualifying
region shall include all states. A Regional Monitor will represent each Canadian qualifying region on
the Association Executive Committee.

3. Qualifying Period;    
Will be from a date 4 weeks preceding a trial to a date 4 weeks preceding the next trial.

4.Trial Entry Eligibility;  
[A] The top [5] rated dogs of each class having accumulated the greatest amount of CKC championship
points in any of the four [4] Canadian qualifying regions during the current qualifying period will be
eligible for entry in the current years trial.
[B] Eligible dogs qualifying with tied championship points, within a qualifying region, will be tied for
the same qualified position.
[C] Eligible dogs qualified in multiple regions, or in two height classification, during the current
qualifying period will be qualified in the region or height classification, the dog[s] accumulated the
greater total of championship points. Eligible dogs qualified in multiple regions with equal
championship points will be designated to a region by the result of a 5-4-3-2-1 evaluation of the dog’s
placements. If voids within a class are created the dogs next in order of merit will fill them.
[D] Eligible dogs being deceased within the qualifying period of the current year’s trial will only be
replaced from within it’s qualifying region, at the discretion of that regions Monitor by the dog next in
order of merit.  
[E] All FTCHs, FCs, & IFCs are exempt from qualifying by CKC CH Points by virtue of their Championship
[F] Champions may be re-qualified by CKC CH Points at the discretion of their owners during any
qualifying period. Re-qualified Champions will be ranked in the regional position earned during that
current qualifying period. Champions not re-qualified will be entered in the classification that the
greatest amount of their original championship points was earned.

5. Complimentary Trial Entries;  
Are offered to the Canadian National Trial Class Winners of the immediate past year’s trial and to the
current year’s 1st Place Winner of the Purina Top Ten Awards.

6. Measuring;  
None:  Dogs will be entered in the height classification of their qualified entry
7. Judges;  
The CDN  LPH Clubs Shall;
( a ) Recommend their preferred judges from the Canadian Trial Qualifying Regions by listing a
maximum of five ( 5 ) current CKC LPH qualified judges in descending order.  
( b ) Recommend a judge only once to their judges lists.  
( c ) Submit their recommended  judges list to the Association Field Trial Chair at least 60 days
preceding the date of each Bi- annual Assoiation Trial.  

The Assoc. Field Trial Chair Shall;
( a ) Establish the four (4 ) Regional Judges Lists based on the 5-4-3-2-1 descending points system
with each recommended judge being awarded the point value relative to it's position on each clubs
(b) From each Regional Judges List assign one judge to judge at least {2} two  classes per trial per
(c) Judges shall be limited to one trial every two years. Exception to this procedure will be at the
discretion of the Assoc. Field Trial Chair whenever equitable regional representation cannot be
obtained or in the event of an unforeseen emergency.
(d) The Regional Judges Lists shall be reviewed for deletions and replacements at each Bi-annual
Association Meeting.

8. Hall of Fame Policy;

1)  Nominations & Inductions:
a) Canadian LPH clubs may submit written nominations to the Association Hall of Fame Coordinator for
(1) deceased & (1) living Beagler and Beagle. Clubs may submit nominations from any region.
b) Nomination processes shall be at the discretion of each club.
c) Nominations for Beaglers
MUST include specific written support information of the person’s
accomplishments as a LPH field trial competitor, or a breeder of quality field trial beagles, or a
dedicated club officer, or a LPH judge, or a CKC FTR, or a combination of any of these qualifying
d) Nominations for Beagles
MUST include specific written support information of the dog’s field trial
record, or as a producer, or both.
e) Nominations
MUST be dated and signed by the club representative submitting the nominations so
as to be received by the Hall of Fame Coordinator not later than 60 days prior to the date of each
annual Association Trial.
f) Living nominees will only be inducted with their consent.

a) Will be appointed bi-annually by the Association President.
b) Will announce, at each annual Association trial, those nominees being inducted.  
c) Will be the custodian of the Hall of Fame plaque ensuring it is engraved and displayed at each
annual trial.

Inductees names shall be added to the Association Hall of Fame plaque and posted on www.
beaglescanada.org with photos whenever possible.

9.Amendments, Deletions or Additions:  
Association Policies or the Structure amended, deleted, or additions made to by the Executive
Committee between Bi-Annual Meetings will be tabled for ratification at the next following Association
Bi- Annual Meeting.

Revised: October 24, 2009