Hosted by Fundy Trial  Beagle Club

Entry Eligibility: The top 5 rated Canadian & American hounds of each class qualified in the four Canadian regions which accumulated the greatest amount
of championship points at CKC Approved LPH trials  from
Oct 1, 2018 to Sept. 29, 2019   Dogs qualifying with tied points within a region shall be tied for the
same qualified position. The top five hounds for each region will not include IFC's, FTCHs & FCs.
Eligible hounds will be published on In addition, all IFCs, FTCHs & FC’s are automatically qualified by virtue of their CHAMPIONSHIP

Special Notes: Dogs that are injured, raising pups or pregnant will not be included on the list of the top five (5) regional qualifying hounds provided that
the owner of the (unavailable) hound contact and advise the Regional monitor within 48 hours following the publication of the final regional list.

Complimentary Entries:  The 2017 CANADIAN NATIONAL TRIAL CLASS WINNERS, ( Hall of Honour Dogs ) AND THE FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Purina 2018

Measuring: None.... Hounds will be entered in the class in which they first obtained their title or in the class the hound accumulated the most qualifying
points during the qualifying period.

Notice: This trial will be conducted in accordance with all standard LPH procedures with the exception of the measuring of entries.  This trial is designed
to allow the best LPH hounds in North America to compete in the heartland of hare country.  Field Trial Champions from Canada and the U.S.A. will
compete against this year’s highest rated hounds in Canada. May the best hounds win!

Host Club and Running Grounds: The Fundy Trail Beagle Club has two fenced running areas. All classes will be run in a fenced area.

See for complete trial description, prizes, maps, premium list etc.

Entry Fee:  $25.00    Field Trial Secretary: Greg Steeves,  613 Killarney Bay Road,Cameron,Ont, K0N 1G0  (705) 928-4372   

A full listing of additional sponsor prizes and info will be published on
Entries Close:
Sat. Oct. 26 / 19
13" Males
8:00 AM
Chris Pawson and Ricky Stone
Sat. Oct. 26 / 19
15" Males
11:00 AM
Russell Butler and Dana Stone
Sun. Oct. 27 / 19
13" Females
8:00  AM
Francois Audette and Billy Petrie
Sun. Oct. 27 / 19
15" Females
11:00  AM
Russell Butler and Dana Stone