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                        Ottawa Valley Beagle Club

CKC Licensed Beagle Field Trial – Large Pack on Hare  

April 14, 15, 2018

North Augusta, Ontario
Entries & Running Order: 13” Females (AM)& 13" Males (PM) Apr. 14, 2018, Entries will close at 7am & 11am
                                       15” Males(AM) & 15” Females (PM) Apr. 15, 2018, Entries will close at 7am & 11am

Entry fee: $20.00 per hound. A listing fee of $10.00 must accompany a hound whose  Individual Registration Number or
E.R.N is absent on entry Forms. All entries must be CKC or AKC registered or CKC litter registered.

Trophies & Rosettes to 1st Place Hounds. Rosettes to all other placing hounds

Field Trial Secretary:  : Steve Rowland, 613-791-0435


13" Females : Francois Audette QC, Billy Kennedy, NL
13" Males : Joe Marsala, ON, Michael Rowland, ON
15" Females : Joe Marsala, ON, Billy Kennedy, NL
15" Males: Jason Hall NY, Francios Audette, QC

Field Trial Committee (Chairman ) , Steve Rowland, Michael Rowland, Jason Powers, Todd Deschamp, Allen Gauthier

Club Officers: President  Todd Deschamp  , V President: Jason Powers , Secretary/Treasure: Andrew Hudson

Special Notes: We will not be using United Counties running grounds, this will be a half day trial
Breakfast and lunch will be available both days

This Trial is held under the Rules & Regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club:
" It shall be the duty and obligation of the trial giving club to see that a judge , club official, volunteer, or any participant at
an event held under these rules, subject to indignities of any kind. The Field Trial Committee Chair shall promptly report to
the CKC any infringement of this regulation, and the Discipline Committee shall have the authority to take such action as it
deems fit on receipt of a report indicating this has occurred."
Lee Steeves(Chairman) 200 Ronson Drive , Suite 400 Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 5Z9