FTCH Brazier's Ranger

Sire: Happyrun Zig
Dam :Tustin's Lady Bird
Owner: Matthew Brazier
116.75 points


Runner Up  
FTCH Harehaven Beat Em All      
Sire: IFC MJR Concert Big Jack                                                                
Dam: IFC Sullivan's Black Magic                                                                
Owner: Bill Kennedy                                                                
80 points
59 points ....."Butch" was also the runner up
in 2009


13" Female        Winner    

Sire :FTCH Cryon Kojack
Dam :Cryon Sugar
Owners : George,Greg and Clark Steeves

148 points

KC Also won this award in 2009 . In 2010 KC
had 5 wins ,completed her IFC title
and won the American Nationals

Runner Up                                                                

FTCH Swampsig'n Sally G

Sire : IFC Armando's Levi
Dam : FTCH Getemout's Singing Cricket
Owner : Paul Pazienza

135.41 points

Sally G was also the runner up in 2009
15" Male        Winner
FTCH Forest Ponds Slick

Sire: FTCH Awful Bawlin Retread
Dam: Murphy's Minstral Kate
Owner :David Chafe

189 points

Slick also won this award in 2009.
In 2010 Slick placed in 14 trials getting 8 wins
Runner Up          
FTCH Sabattus Mountain EZ Duzit

Sire: Nemasketts Rabbit Stew
Dam : Sabattus Mountain Holly
Owner Christine and Dario Mana

106 points

15" Female        Winner                                                                

FTCH Viagra's Cashmere Kate

Sire: IFC Awful Bawlin Viagra
Dam Happyrun Divine Wind
Owner : Mathew Brazier

97.75 points

Kate had a good 2010 getting 3 wins
and is only points away from her IFC Title
Runner Up   

No Runner Up                                                             

Top Sire          
IFC Armando's Levi

Sire: IFC Branko's Pied Piper
Dam Armando's Hope
Owner: Paul Pazienza

Levi continued to dominate again in 2010
with his pups earning 303.9 points

Runner Up                                                                

Happyrun Zig

Sire: Silverrun Lightning
Dam: Happyrun Foxy Lady
Owner : Dan Kane

Zig's pups earned 144.75 points in 2010

Top Dam        Winner
IFC Sullivan's Black Magic

Sire: FTCH Shano's Speedy Devil
Dam :FTCH Sullivan's Snappy Sheeba
Owner: Clair Murphy

Magic's pups earned 298 points in 2010 .
Magic herself was a two time Purina
All Canada Winner in the 13" Female Class

Runner Up      
FTCH Getemout's Singing Cricket

Sire: Branko's Magmun Force
Dam :Armando's Karakoe
Owner :Chris Pawson

Cricket a multi winner of this award
kept it close in 2010 with 231.9 Points