13" Male Class Winner:
NLPC CNLPC Cryon Kimbo
Sire: FTCH Cryon Whitefoot        
Dam: NLPC IFC Cryon KC        
Owner: George, Greg,Clark
118 points        

13" Female Class Winner:
Sire: FTCH Salmon River Tubby
Dam: Litaway's Sable
Owner: Jason & Nellie Powers
117 CKC points

15" Male Class Winner:  
FTCH Awful Bawlin Vanswacker
Sire: CNLPC Forest Pond Slick
Dam: FTCH Roclan's Rock Roxette
Owner: David Chafe & John Monkman
117 CKC points

15" Female Class Winner:
Sire: FTCH Cryon Chief
Dam: FC Beavermeadow Juniper
Owner: George, Greg, Clark Steeves
202 points

Sire Of The Year:  

FTCH Cryon Whitefoot
Sire: IFC MJR Concert Big Jack
Dam: IFC Cryon Snowflake
Owner: George, Greg & Clark Steeves
470 AKC & CKC points

Dam Of The Year:

Stone's Gingersnap
Sire: Pete's Iron Mike
Dam: FTCH Tyson's Itsy Bitsy
Owner: Janice Waterman
297 CKC points