13" Female Winner

FTCH Cryon Snow Queen 102.5 points

Sire - IFC Cedar Beck Oliver

Dam - IFC Cryon Snowdancer

Ower: George, Greg, Clark Steeves

No runner up submitted
13" Male Winner

Awful Bawlin U Ben Yankin on ER  81

Sire - Awful Bawlin Pathetic Cookie

Dam - Snow's Da Truth Hurts

Owner: Allen MacInnis
13" Male Winner

Cryon Conway 80.66 points

Sire: IFC Cryon Kimbo

Dam: FTCH Cryon Hanna Montana

Owners: George, Greg, Clark Steeves

15" Female Winner

FTCH Rivers Rosie 95 points

Sire - FTCH Dave's Foxhill Dexter

Dam - Split Ley Foxy Lady

Owner: Dave Fraser

15" Female Runner UP

FTCH Awful Bawlin Extinctor 78 points

Sire -FTCH Forest Pond Slick

Dam - FTCH Roclan's Rock Roxette

Owner: David Chafe & John Monkman

15" Male Winner

IFC Off Road Chelsea's Champion -
169.2 Points

Sire - IFC Sabbatus Mountian EZ Duz it

Dam - FTCH Red Sun Shelby

Owner: Dario Manna
Picture to be submitted
Runner UP
no submissions

Sire of the Year Winner

CLPC FTCH Forest Pond Slick - 823.91

Sire - FTCH Awful Bawlin Retread

Dam - Murphy's Minstral Kate

Owners: David Chafe
Sire of the Year Runner UP

IFC Awful Bawlin Get a Whack at Er  - 642

Sire - FTCH Awful Bawlin Verswacker

Dam - FTCH Beavercreek Queen Annes

Owner: Jessica Monkman
Dam of the Year Winner

IFC Viagara Cashmere Kate  494.26

Sire - IFC Awful Bawlin Viagara

Dam -Happyrun Divine Wind

Owner: Matthew Brazier
Dam of the Year Runner UP

Stone's Gingersnap  166 points

Sire - Pete's Iron Mike

Dam -FTCH Tyson's Itsy Bitsy

Owner: Chris/Janice Waterman